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Just a thought on IP/DNS Issues

// February 2nd, 2010 // No Comments » // Networking!, Technology

So, on the break of IPv6, have all of you nerds been studying about how to address and integrate IPv6 into your network yet?

With IPv6 on the verge of hopefully a government mandate (I love government mandates and I also love new technology-even if it isn’t hardware), I have begun to wonder what will happen to all of these dot-com domains. Didn’t we invent domains and further DNS to solve the problem of lazy Americans having to memorize an IP Address? What happens when to get to Ford’s website, I have to go to because of domain name exhaustion? Yes, they have tried to fix this using .net and .org and .me and .us, but isn’t that why we invented subnetting and further variable length subnets?

So my question to you readers is: what new technology is going to come out when we run out of domain names?

My un-intelligent idea’s include the terrible use of RFID cards that your computer scans to take you to a website. While this would not only waste resources and take up mountains of store space, it would be pretty neat.

Another possible idea would be to invent some kind of google search add-on that would just get to you a companies website without effort. How? I have no idea, but someway! The only problem with that is, we can have Google owning the World Wide Web, just as Al Gore thinks he owns it now.

Just a thought…

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