About JMM II

James Michael McLeod II

My official name by law is James Michael McLeod II. I go by Michael McLeod. I was named after my father, and to keep things simple at home, and because my mom didn’t like the name James, I go by my middle name. I have many plans for my future. I plan to attend a college in Long Island City, New York called DeVry College of New York, and obtain a bachelor degree in Network and Communications Management. I attend high school at Walled Lake Central High School, part of the Walled Lake Consolidated School District. I’m currently a junior, but I am way more advanced in the technological field than the average 25 year old. I take a strong interest in technology, more specifically computers and networking. An extra curricular activity of mine is providing professional grade stage lighting and sound in the auditorium of the three high schools in Walled Lake.

My future holds many things for me, my master life plan is big. However, I am up for just about anything. I am planning to complete high school at Walled Lake Central High School and pursue a career in Computer Networking after college. At WLC I take many classes about computers, I deeply enjoy working with them. I started learning Cisco Networking my freshman year. My master plan includes finishing Cisco Networking and becoming a CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate). My junior and senior year will consist of my core classes and 2-3 hours of high-tech coop at another school in the Walled Lake District. Along with computers, lights, and sound I enjoy basketball and more so, track and biking. Although biking is not a sport, I do much of it during my free time. Almost every summer since 8th grade me and few relatives and friends go for a cross country biking trip across much of the United States.

As I began to learn about Microsoft networking in 2006, I created a home server in my household serving 9 computers. I spent close to one week attempting different configurations in Microsoft Windows NT Server 4.0. After reviewing what I had done, I planned out the most logical way to make a client-server network. I have a great mind for thinking into the future without actually trying to live in it. Although I work with Microsoft Windows Networks, I personally own a Apple MacBook Pro. After the torturous years of computer crashes and freezing I made the leap toward the most advanced computer in the world. Although I love Apple and the Mac product line, I do not encourage all people to buy them.

While keeping a large portion of my life devoted to my studies and interest, I try to keep a social life. I enjoy making friends and friends in general. Family is the number one priority on my list. If it not be for my family, I most likely would not be the student and worker I am today. They have gotten me through tough times and I’ve supported them right back.

While I can talk about my goals, my accomplishments, and my future I must keep you, the reader, awake. To sum things up, I am a young person with talents that not too many have. I plan for the future, and keep things in line. I enjoy working with people, and I give task all 110%.

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